Brand Benefits: Why Telling Your Story is so Important

From a young age, we love hearing stories. They fuel our imagination, help us to escape and evoke emotions. So it’s inevitable that as we grow older we will respond to brands and products that tell us a story. We need to receive the most appropriate message, through the most appropriate channel in order for us to take that message on board.

According to CMI, 84% of B2B marketers said that brand awareness is their top goal and Buzzstream confirms that 45% of people surveyed would unfollow a brand on social media if their platform is dominated by self-promotion, reaffirming that when we package our product in an innovative and creative way it really resonates with consumers.

Story-telling brands we love

Some of our favourite brands usually have a story-telling element. They take us on a journey and keep us hooked on their brand.


According to Marketing Week and many other sources, the iconic Apple brand leads the way in telling a story. It’s a story of technological evolution that everyone else is trying to copy and we all wait to see what’s coming next. If you’re an Apple lover then your world will be perfectly synced across phones, tablets and laptops.


Disney has so many different touchpoints – an online streaming platform, stores, movies, theme parks, hotels and of course, the characters themselves – that it barely has to try to tell a story. What stands out for us about Disney is the way it has adults just as hooked into it as children. My friend went to Florida recently and couldn’t believe how many adults were in the theme parks without children (and wearing Mickey ears too). It’s borderline addictive!

Cancer Research

From the fantasy world of Disney to the serious campaigning of Cancer Research, which until recently had the same Director of Brand, Marketing and Communication for 17 years. From hard-hitting TV advertising to encompassing events such as Race of Life as well as the Cancer is Happening Right Now campaign we have all been touched in some way by their story and their purpose. 

Brands that take us on a journey with them are the ones that we remember and go back to time and time again. Do you need help telling your brand’s story? Contact our brand team today to start a conversation.