How to Increase Sales with Branded Merchandise

Branded merchandise is a cost-effective tool in your marketing strategy and a suite of unique high-quality and sustainable branded products can be an excellent way to grow your business, help your customers and prospects engage with and remember you, and grow your brand in a busy marketplace.

In this blog, we’ll talk more about how branded merchandise boosts sales, and grows your profits.

Boost your brand’s physical presence

Business is competitive, and making your brand’s presence stand out in a busy marketplace is the name of the game. Great branded products can not only help you establish your brand identity but also help increase your sales.

We saw an example of this when we produced thousands of ‘Signature’ tote bags a few years ago for Streamline’s London launch, sponsored by the British Red Cross. We saw our branded tote Bags all over London, on the tube, on the street, and in shops where people were proud to use them, while also promoting our brand. This campaign increased brand presence and trust and in turn grew Streamline’s revenue in London too.

If you get creative with your branded merchandise you can not only promote your business but boost your profits too.

Increase your advertising impressions

Did you know the average CPI (Cost Per Impression) of promotional products is just £0.04, making it a very affordable advertising medium?

The cost per impression with branded merchandise is surprisingly low. Not only could customers potentially pass on your merchandise to others, thus increasing the impressions, but the act of using a product also does this. Imagine a tote bag you’ve seen on the tube or a hoodie worn on multiple Zoom calls a day.

Two of the main objectives of any marketing campaign are, of course, to increase your brand recognition and build brand awareness. When a person can recognise a brand out of a line-up, there’s a level of trust that comes from that, and they’re more likely to use a well-known brand over and over again. It has been proven that the more frequently your customer uses the branded item they received, the more likely they are to remember your company.

Create Brand Loyalists

It’s been proven that getting new customers costs 6 times more than retaining an old one. So you’ll want to do all that you can to retain your loyal customers, won’t you? 

Why not gift your target audience when a new product is launching, a new service is coming, or on the anniversary of your launch? A great way to drive sales, reinforce loyalty and put your name at the forefront of your audience’s mind is with a useful gift. Positive emotions resonate with people- and they’ll keep feeling that positive vibe every time they use a branded product with your name on it, which will drive them to use your services when they need them.

Build Strong Foundations

50% of people use promotional products every day. Build better relationships with your customers, and maintain them with the help of quality branded merchandise. Welcome Gifts for new customers will keep them onside, and ensure they feel valued as clients.  A personal touch will allow you to stand out from the other brands in their inbox- more engaging, interesting, and dedicated than a brand that hasn’t gifted them a must-have product. In a world where sustainability is a key consideration for any brand or customer, branded merchandise is also a way to showcase your company’s priorities. Eco-friendly branded merchandise is more and more popular with more options available weekly and is an effective way to prove that improving your green credentials is top of your list.

Higher quality products give more impressions

Choose branded merchandise that is high quality, that will last, be really useful to the recipient and show the brand message for a long time. Streamline sent a high-quality Thermal Mug with accessories to a senior contact in DHL in 2018. This was kept by our contact for 3 years and resulted in a sales value of almost £100,000. Revenue of 100’s of millions can be achieved when thoughtful, useful merchandise is in the hands of your target audience. 

Examples of useful merchandise that will last a very long time include:

  • Backpack
  • Lunchbox
  • Laptop stand and accessories
  • Wallet/Purse
  • Games
  • Kitchen gifts – scales, utensils, BBQ set, etc.

The right time to use good branded merchandise is now

When you meet a prospective client or when you meet anyone really, you can wow them with a thoughtful gift. If they’re using a pen with your name on it every day, they’re not going to need to search through their phone or emails the next time they need to find a supplier like yourself.

Streamline can help you choose the right products, be creative, be practical, be sustainable and increase sales as a result. Start the conversation and contact our team of experts today.