How Branded Packaging can Increase Engagement with your Latest Marketing Campaign

branded corporate gift box

Delivering the best corporate gift box experience is a great way to engage with your people. From employee retention and onboarding to potential prospects. The content of your corporate gift box is of course paramount but you’ll be amazed at what some well-thought-through branded packaging can do to elevate your next marketing project.

Whether you’re producing a corporate gift pack to welcome new staff. Launching your rebrand, or marking a special occasion for your company. Dramatically increase engagement when you spend a little extra time considering how you package your gift.

A huge part of engagement is the unboxing experience. We often find that branded packaging can fall to the bottom of the priority list when developing your brand. It is such a straightforward and successful technique to increase your brand’s awareness and generate a good level of engagement.

The first opportunity you have to connect with your customers is through your packaging. A small gesture, like personalised tissue paper, a peelable label, or a reassuring magnet close box can significantly improve your delivery. It can make your recipients feel special and improve their opinion of your brand.

Bespoke packaging can be made to fit the needs and aesthetic preferences of your company. Branded packaging conveys thoughtfulness. It reassures the receiver that what’s inside is just as amazing as what’s on the outside, whether you stamp a logo on a cardboard box or include a message.

You can be as subtle or overt as you like when branding your shipments. Beyond the box, versatile and completely customised packaging may also include ribbon, tissue paper, or bespoke postcards.

What Advantages Does Bespoke Branded Packaging Offer?

Packaging customisation is now more affordable than ever, a feature once reserved for luxury businesses. Now any business can benefit from the functional, attractive, and financial advantages of branded packaging.

Stand Out From Your Competition

According to research by Forbes, first impressions are made in just seven seconds. Since brand awareness is built through time and via repeated exposure, you must establish a strong, distinctive visual identity. A quick and efficient approach to represent your brand and get a competitive advantage is through branded packaging. Research says that up to 80% more recognition can be achieved by simply applying a new colour.

Increase The Appeal of the Contents

Adding a personal touch to your items enhances their appeal throughout purchasing. Consumers will notice a bright, branded box on their desks among other products with plain exteriors. Also, your item will seem more like a gift than a transaction.

Improve Your Marketing Plan

Your packaging is a part of your marketing arsenal. Social media marketing and video content is becoming increasingly crucial for brands. A brilliant unboxing experience can be a great opportunity to make your mark in this area and gain positive attention across platforms.  

A great example is  Evelyn Partners. When we began working with Evelyn Partners, we understood the challenge they faced when creating not just a refresh but a whole new brand. With any rebrand, there’s much to coordinate and facilitate, from websites to property. Our team worked closely with their team to design a rebrand launch experience for their 3,500 colleagues across 30 offices in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Over a ten-week period we designed, fulfilled, and delivered approximately 3,500 individually personalised brand launch boxes to each staff member. We delivered to the company’s locations across the UK and the Republic of Ireland including all workers based from home.

It was a large project for Evelyn Partners. They had to ensure that each individually personalised box reached the right person at the right time. Feedback since Evelyn Partners’ rebrand launch was overwhelmingly positive. We were thrilled to see team members sharing their delight across social media channels with their personalised merchandise. It was a great opportunity to help to instill brand pride and amplify the brand’s core values in such a creative way.

With so many elements to consider it would be neglectful of us not to suggest including a call-to-action print with your social media information or a hashtag for your business or product to entice customers to share their experiences. This improves perceptions of your company in a variety of ways. The recipient will feel appreciated, and you’ll have more chances to develop brand loyalty, brand recognition and engagement from recipients.

Establish your brand identity

Employees and Clients favour companies that share their values; they show more loyalty to companies that respect their interests and convictions. One of the finest ways to communicate your brand to people before they ever open the box is through your packaging. 

Almost any aspect, including stickers, business cards, and bespoke packaging labels, can be tailored to strengthen your brand identity. For instance, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported that over the past 20 years, recycled packaging has increased by almost 100%. Use environmentally friendly packaging, such as recycled plastic or cardboard that has been first pressed, to improve environmental friendliness. 

For more guidance or an initial conversation on how best we could package your next corporate gift, please contact Streamline, and one of our team will be delighted to set up a call to discuss this further.