Limited Edition Notebook

The final piece in your people engagement puzzle

Win one of our beautiful Limited Edition Notebooks

Complete the puzzle below and send us the code it reveals for the chance to win one of 100 notebooks

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  1. Complete the jigsaw puzzle below and reveal the code
  2. Fill out the form beneath the puzzle
  3. Submit form
  4. The first 100 people to correctly complete the puzzle and fill out the enquiry form with the code will win a notebook.

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Creating inspiring gifting experiences to make your people feel valued and empowered

Do you have a showstopping way to attract new talent? Or a fun incentive to boost employee morale?

People that feel more valued in the workplace are more passionate, become loyal employees and work harder. So going the extra mile to delight your team with branded merchandise can make them feel valued and appreciated.

Curate a bespoke collection that fully represents your brand and in turn improves your employee engagement.

Streamline works with clients across multiple sectors to do just that, creating holistic, engaging experiences for all employees, straight from the first conversation we have to the day your team receives their gifts.


Beautiful, bespoke, branded merchandise and clothing

Beautiful, bespoke, branded merchandise and clothing

to generate excitement and a connection with your people

to generate excitement and a connection with your people

with quality products your people will love to use

with quality products your people will love to use

Retain and engage your people

Your people will look after your business when you look after them, with 71% of executives saying that employee engagement is crucial to their company’s success.

Streamline can help you take employee engagement to the next level. Whether you are wowing new recruits or engaging current employees, bespoke corporate gifts can inspire loyalty and make members of your team feel valued.

Streamline is the final piece of the employee engagement puzzle.

Make the switch with Eco friendly alternatives

We believe that when it comes to sustainability, every small improvement makes a large impact. Our high-quality, highly practical and eco-friendly merchandise doesn’t compromise on choice or break the bank.

With a diverse range of materials used to create bespoke merchandise, you can make a splash without damaging the environment, right down to a selection of eco-friendly packaging to present your corporate gifts.

Reorder with a Portal Designed Around You

When ordering from Streamline you could feel the full benefit of a personalised reordering portal. It offers a straightforward user experience for your team members and means a quick restock of your merchandise and clothing is never more than a few clicks away.

An all-inclusive digital home for your project, manage every aspect of reordering, from product tracking to reporting and budget control. Eliminating human error, unlocking efficiency savings and reducing turnaround times.

Our clients love it, and we think you will too.


The Final Piece in your people engagement puzzle

The Final Piece in your people engagement puzzle

Seamless Stockholding in our warehouses

With teams and clients throughout the UK and beyond, getting merchandise and clothing into their hands can be challenging. It takes weeks of planning, a well-orchestrated logistics network, and an experienced partner to manage.

Flexible and agile, we have warehouses in the UK and Europe that support worldwide distribution. And, thanks to our long-established industry partners, we can deliver straight to their door, wherever they are.

What’s more, with a highly visible supply chain, you have the freedom to order well ahead of time. We can stock items safely, so they are ready to go when you are.


Sustainable Carbon Neutral Delivery

As the number of online shoppers continues to soar and next day delivery becomes the norm, we are proactively moving forward with new sustainable delivery practices, ensuring every piece of branded merchandise that is delivered is done so in a sustainable manner.

Tackling this challenge head-on, we are pleased to partner with DPD for deliverables from our warehouses. Harnessing the company’s Carbon Neutral Delivery, we will ensure your order is sustainable from start to finish.

Bringing people joy across the globe

We’ve delivered as many as 15,000 custom gift sets for one business to individuals across the globe – allowing our clients to bring joy to their people no matter where they are based. From Amsterdam to Antwerp, New York to Hong Kong, no matter how far away your recipients might be, we’ll ensure you bring a smile to their faces.

Coloured Edge Notebooks

Overnight Travel Bag

Black + Blum Glass Water bottle

Baseball Caps

Telescopic Umbrella

Pen and Display Box

Softshell Jacket

Apple AirTag & Leather Keyring

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