Is branded stationery still important for modern businesses?


New tech-based productivity apps that challenge traditional pen-and-paper methods are popping up every day. So, as more businesses implement these solutions, you might wonder if branded stationery is relevant in the modern age?

Recent statistics published by PR News Wire showing a rising demand for stationery suggest it’s as important as ever. And it makes sense. Technology is great for streamlining workflows, improving collaboration, and organising our data. But stationery still has plenty of valuable benefits for the modern business.

Improve onboarding and employee retention

We’ve already discussed how a considered onboarding pack can improve employee retention rates. Making an initial investment in your employees lets them know they’re valued – and they reciprocate with loyalty.

Branded stationery is a vital part of an effective onboarding pack. At a minimum, you’ll want to include pens and notebooks. But any additional stationery products they’ll find useful – both on and off the job – are bound to be appreciated.

Increase productivity and morale

Not having the tools available to get the job done is a sure-fire way to reduce employee morale. Not only that, but it also has a domino effect on productivity levels. Employees waste time rooting for office staples – like pens and pencils – that should be readily available.

Sourcing the right selection of stationery products can also help improve productivity. Post-it notes, ring-binders, diaries, highlighters, and notebooks all equip your employees to stay organised – and therefore more productive.

Better brand perception

The quality of the stationery you provide customers and clients influences how your brand is perceived. If you provide a flimsy pen or a tacky sign-in folder, visitors will associate that level of quality with your brand.

Investing in higher quality equivalents shows people that your business values quality. This is particularly important for businesses who provide premium products or services. If you went to a 5-star hotel or a premium car dealership, you wouldn’t expect to be handed an old chewed up biro to sign a form.

The world becomes more tech-centred every day. But, as we’ve shown, branded stationery still plays an important role for businesses – especially if you’re looking for new ways to have an edge over the competition.

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