How to implement social distancing in the workplace

Social distancing floor sticker.

For many businesses, one of the biggest challenges to reopening post-lockdown is ensuring the government recommended social distancing guidelines are adhered to by employees, clients and customers.

To help make your transition back into the workplace a little bit smoother, we’ve put together this quick guide on how to implement social distancing measures. Rather than lay it out in steps, we’ve structured this guide to include the essential items you’ll need to promote safe social distancing, with tips on how to use them. 

Floor Stickers

For offices, retail spaces, leisure facilities and any larger workspace, floor stickers should be the first port of call for implementing social distancing. So long as you choose bright, stand-out colours, they’ll serve as an ongoing reminder to keep 2m apart for colleagues and customers. 

An additional benefit is that you can also use them to partition distances. So, by spacing each floor sticker 2m away from each other, colleagues will have a visual guideline of the distances they should be keeping.

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A-frame signs

A-frame signs are another great option for promoting safe social distancing. Since they’re brightly coloured, they’re hard to miss, so they’ll serve as a prompt for anyone in your workplace.

A benefit of using a-frames is that they’re easily transportable. So, if you decide to switch up the layout of your workplace, you can easily move the signs around to fit without having to reapply floor stickers.

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Face masks

While masks aren’t strictly required to maintain social distancing, they do help minimise the spread of infection and keep everyone in your workplace safe. It’s for this reason we recommend stocking up on face masks so you can provide them for everyone in your workplace. 

Just remember, disposable masks should be replaced after use to minimise the risk of spreading infection – so it will also be helpful to promote this behaviour by putting up signage that supports this message.

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Hygiene stations

Pedal-operated, hands-free hygiene stations are another item that will help you keep everyone in your workplace safe. The benefit of these hands-free stations is that they don’t require any physical skin contact to operate – so they make it much easier to prevent the spread of infection from hands to surface. 

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There you have it, everything you need to implement social distancing in the workplace. Of course, if you’re unsure exactly what you need for your specific business, feel free to call one of our experts using the contact form below. They’re all fully up-to-speed with the specific needs of all industries, so they’ll be happy to provide guidance on the exact products you need to keep your team safe.