Sanitiser products: which one is right for your business?

Hands squeezing sanitiser onto palm

Struggling to decide which sanitiser products are the best and most cost-effective for your business?

To help you work out exactly what you need to keep colleagues safe, we’ve rounded up all of our sanitiser products. We then go into detail about which products are right for you.

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50ml, 500ml and 5l Hand Sanitiser Gels

We all know that hand sanitiser is a must right now. That said, working out which one to get depends on your business needs.

For restaurants, cafes and those in hospitality, we recommend opting for the larger 5l containers. The industrial size is more suited to the high-volume of hand cleaning your staff and customers will need to do.

For offices and smaller retail shops – you’ll likely want to issue each colleague with their own sanitiser to keep at their desks and stations. For these situations, we recommend either 50ml or 500ml bottles.

As for pricing, 50ml hand sanitisers start at £0.95 per unit with an MOQ of 50, 500ml starts at £2.70 per unit with an MOQ of 12 and 5l starts at £16.95 per unit with an MOQ of 1. 

500ml and 22l Sanitising Sprays

Sanitiser sprays are another must for most businesses. But especially those involved in working with the public.

For must office, retail and hospitality environments, we recommend the 500ml Ramsol spray. It’s lightweight, easy to use and kills 99.9% of bacteria. Prices start at £5.75 per unit with an MOQ of 12.

For those in logistics or industrial environments, the 500ml canisters won’t hold enough fluid to provide you with an efficient and cost-effective solution. 

Instead, we recommend the 22l canister – with an attachable spray hose – to help you effortlessly sanitise large vehicles and surface areas in minutes. For these, prices start at £240 per unit with an MOQ of 2 units.

Anti-bacterial sanitising wipes

While non-essential, anti-bacterial sanitising wipes offer an easily accessible solution for quickly cleaning smaller surface areas.

As with the smaller hand gels and sanitising sprays, they’re ideal for offices, retail establishments and any business in the health or hospitality sector. 

That said, they’ll also come in handy for logistics and warehouse operations too. Popping a pack of these into cars, lorries and vans means drivers can quickly clean down all plastics in their vehicles before finishing.

We offer 3 varieties of sanitising wipes, all suitable for most workplaces.

Lara Med anti-bacterial wipes come in packs of 50 wipes, with prices starting from £2 per unit with an MOQ of 5 units. They’re paraben-free, 0% alcohol and kill 99.9% of bacteria, making them ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Uniwipe surface wipes come in packs of 200 wipes, with prices starting from £7 per unit with an MOQ of 2 units. They’re also alcohol and paraben-free and shown kill 99.9% of bacteria.

For those with more industrial needs, we also have CP130 wet wipes in packs of 500 wipes. For these, prices start from £17.95 per unit with an MOQ of 2 units.