6 corporate gift box ideas to wow clients & energise employees

Planning a surprise treat for your hardworking employees? Looking for ways to energise remote new starters? Maybe you’re after an impactful gift to impress a prospective client. Whatever your intention, this roundup of corporate gift box ideas is packed with suggestions to help you nail it!

Wellbeing pack

Nothing shows your employees you care better than a surprise treat like an employee wellbeing pack. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to perk up a demotivated or struggling team. 

We’ve pictured our popular biscuits and coffee gift box. But there are various wellbeing packs to choose from, including:

  • Afternoon Tea Packs
  • Breakfast Gift Packs
  • Home Fitness Packs
  • Yoga Packs

Work from home pack

Lack of equipment frustrates employees and reduces productivity. Neither is good for your bottom line. With a well-timed work from home pack, however, you can avoid both problems.

We’d recommend including all the items your employees need to get their job done (and some spares!) as a minimum. But, if you truly want to make them smile, it’s always worth sprinkling some goodies–like the air pods and bottles pictured above–into the mix too!

Event merchandise pack

In-person events are a great way to boost awareness, generate leads, and improve brand perception. That’s why 68% of b2b companies use in-person events in their marketing mix.

Many companies choose notebooks, pens, pencils, badges, and lanyards to hand out at events. But, if you want to leave a lasting impression and stand out amongst competitors, we’d recommend adding some more exciting items like the thermal bottle and coffee cup pictured above!

New starter clothing pack

While you must get your uniform right, how you present it also makes a difference. 

Imagine being a new starter who hasn’t received their uniform on day one. Or, worse, having to wear old hand-me-downs? Not a great first impression.

Delivering new starter clothing packs ensures recent hires feel energised and excited to join your team instead of feeling underwhelmed by their shoddy (or nonexistent) uniform.

Exclusive membership pack

Exclusive membership packs are perfect for businesses looking to reduce churn rate. 

Often, members unsubscribe from services because they feel undervalued or forgotten. We’ve all felt like our favourite brands care more for onboarding new customers than looking after their existing ones.

While an exclusive membership pack might initially feel like a sunk cost, it pays dividends in the long term. Valued members will stick around for years to come, more than recuperating your costs.

Client gift pack

Last on our list is the popular client gift pack. These are perfect for delighting existing clients or making a profitable impression on prospects.

The trick to crafting a successful client gift pack is personalisation. While one-size-fits-all gifts can work, personalised products tailored to your client or prospects interests work best.

Do they like Golf? Try a golf set. Do they love music? Try personalised ear pods. Fan of yoga? Try a yoga mat!

Looking for more ideas to wow your clients or energise your teams? We’re famous for crafting unique gift packs tailored to our clients’ audiences. Just drop us a message in the form below to talk to one of our experts.