5 everyday safety supplies, essential to workforce protection

As restrictions continue to be eased across the UK, the majority of your workforce will soon begin to return in the coming months. For those who operate in industries such as construction and manufacturing, this means that establishing a constant, reliable and high-quality supply of safety gear is, once again, a top priority.  

As a BSif registered supplier of safety supplies, our Protect collection is home to an expansive range of safety items, ready to help maximise your business’s output during the post-Covid era. 

To help get you started, we have put together a handy list of 5 everyday safety supplies that we think are essential to ensure your workforce’s protection.

PU Palm Work Gloves

PU palm work gloves

When it comes to hand protection, you have to start by considering the dangers that present themselves to your workforce daily. Your favoured choice of protection should not only keep workers safe but also offer a comfortable fit to help them complete their tasks more effectively.

One of our favourite choices is our versatile PU Palm Work Gloves! They are a great multi-purpose source of protection for your workers and are a perfect fit for industries where immensely close attention to detail continues to be achieved by hand.

Balancing puncture resistance, stretch, flexibility and grip perfectly, their high level of breathability and dexterity will help the wearer complete even the most intricate tasks successfully.

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Safety Helmet

white safety helmet

Head injuries in the workplace can cause severe and, in some instances, life-changing damage. That’s why protective headgear is designed to deflect blows and prevent the most serious of injuries from occurring in your workplace.

CE-CAT III certified, our safety helmets are manufactured from high-density polypropylene for an unbeatable level of protection. This trusted design also provides a high level of electrical insulation against high voltage shocks (1000ac or 1500Vdc).

However, what makes this helmet extra special is comfort. For that, we have equipped our helmet with an adjustable buckle (55cm – 62cm) and sweatband. These small additions required us to place ourselves in the boots of your workforce, and as a result, we think our safety helmet achieves the perfect balance of comfort and safety.

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Classic Ear Defender

classic ear defenders

When discussing ear protection, it is essential to remember that even the most minor damages to one of your employee’s eardrums will not heal over time. In addition, this type of overexposure to high decibels during our younger years can cause irritating conditions such as tinnitus whilst also worsening the impact of natural hearing loss later in life.

Does your business operate in an industry where noise exposure is problematic yet lower in scale and frequency? If so, our classic ear defenders come highly recommended as the ideal safety supply to protect employees on a daily basis.

Our ear defenders are CE-CAT III certified and offer an adjustable strap to help your workers achieve the perfect fit for their ears. These features ensure a constant protection level throughout the day whilst also being flexible and easily removable when no longer necessary.

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Wrap Around Safety Spectacles

wrap around safety spectacles

Despite being easily preventable, eye injuries are common in the workplace. Their sources can be limitless; however, the main culprits to look out for are chemical exposure, sparks, and flying/falling objects.

Much like ears, eye damage can often be irreversible, with even the most minor cuts, punctures and embedded objects having a considerable impact.

Whether your business works in manufacturing, construction, or another sector entirely, we think our Wrap Around Safety Spectacles are a fantastic option.

Offering solid protection, they are CE certified with an ultra-light and flexible design. This is combined with their contoured shape and moulded nose bridge to provide a great fit that maximises workers protection

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 FFP2 Valved Moulded Mask

FFP2 valved moulded mask

Demand for face masks and respiratory protection has risen dramatically over the last year. However, we are also acutely aware that this piece of safety equipment is essential to many businesses, regardless of Covid-19.

In industries such as construction and agriculture, we know respiratory protection is a vital safety supply that helps minimise worker’s exposure to a range of airborne partials. Each of which poses a serious health risk to all employees.   

A popular member of our respiratory collection, which is commonplace in many industries, is the FFP2 Valved Moulded Mask. EN149:2001+A1:2009 certified, they are relied upon by many of our clients and with their robust design acting as an unmovable barrier between employees and toxic substances.

What’s more, with adjustable head straps, your workforce can easily modify their mask to achieve a snug and airtight fit.

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