The Best Branded Merchandise of 2022

With Covid lockdowns firmly behind us, we will always remember 2022 as the year the world reopened. With conferences, events, and recruitment back on the agenda, we also saw the best of branded merchandise

One of the biggest shifts we’ve seen in branded merchandise in the past few years is a rise in those businesses making more informed and thoughtful choices. As a result, we’ve seen more custom-branded products that are useful, and functional. There’s less of the dreaded ‘tat’ that often gives our sector a bad rep.

Nelson Paterson, Head of Business Development

In this blog, we’re talking about the very best branded merchandise of 2022. From notebooks made from stone. Multi-chargers that direct people straight to your website. To personalised water bottles that delight a whole business. Let’s go!

Rebrand Launch Packs

We recently worked with a global financial services brand as they undertook a huge rebrand following a merger. With a huge workforce, this brand was concerned that people would miss the excitement of the big change. Firstly, they wanted to ensure their team was engaged and on board with their new name. 

Our team worked closely with the Brand Team to design a rebrand launch experience for all 3,500 colleagues. Streamline got to work delivering personalised merchandise packs directly to more than 30 offices and 3,500 colleagues so they could all celebrate the rebrand together on launch day. 

With a water bottle, an insulated coffee cup, and a handy tote bag. This box had everything a staff member could need. It was a perfect opportunity to show off their workplace’s new look. The flurry of positive posts on LinkedIn and other social channels showed the amazement of the employees!

New Starter Packs

Another big trend that has come from a post-covid world is a renewed focus on employee engagement and onboarding schemes. The job market is more competitive than it has been in years. Standing out in a competitive market is now crucial. 

We worked closely with The Recruitment Group to create an onboarding experience they could be proud of. Unique contents like a tea bag with a sweet message to remind them to take a breather. As well as the essentials you would need to hit the ground running on your first day.

Tactile Branding

The best branded merchandise makes you go, wow! This is why branding is so much more than putting your logo on a notebook. Your branded products will tell your story better than any copy on your website or conversation on a Zoom call. How about branded water bottles with a 4D print? Or edge-printed notebooks that are so beautiful you almost won’t want to write in them? We’ve created some beautiful collections of products to be proud of in the past year.

Bespoke Workwear with a Twist

We’re skilled in many branding techniques. We’ve noticed a difference in how some brands are choosing to use different branding methods over the past year. And, we have worked on some pretty cool branded clothing as a result. 

One brand came to us looking for help to design a bespoke workwear collection, with a twist. Their brand is playful and informal and they wanted this to come across in their uniforms. They wanted to include a large logo that stretched across the shoulder and arm of each garment. This is something that wouldn’t have been possible using embroidery as a branding method. With the flexibility of heat seal branding, their vision was brought to life with perfect brand representation and high-definition detail.

Sometimes it is worth thinking outside the box and pushing branding boundaries to see an innovative and exciting result.

The Popularity of Drinkware

It’s been a few years now since we launched the Streamline thermal bottle with tremendous success. We don’t see the demand for drinkware going anywhere any time soon. Every year there are new innovations in both product and branding techniques and 2022 was no exception. There have been revolutions in branding techniques such as textured 4D printing and numerous eco-friendly innovations. Making branded drinkware stay as one of the most popular products for engaging with employees and clients alike.

Useful, versatile, and tied to the theme of wellness, drinkware ticks a lot of boxes.

Blockchain and Supply Chain Transparency

Blockchain is one of the most exciting developments in branded merchandise in recent years. A system that outs ‘greenwashers’ and ensures full supply chain transparency. According to Google, the definition of Blockchain is, “a system in which a record of transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency is maintained across several computers that are linked in a peer-to-peer network”. 

This innovation is improving product sourcing and traceability. It helps suppliers like ourselves sniff out the greenwashers and buy from truly sustainable manufacturers. With Blockchain’s help, we’ll be able to map out the journey of a product right back to its origin. This allows us to see what’s going on and where each product has been. Blockchain traceability is helping to make branded merchandise more sustainable, with new blockchain products revolutionising supply chains throughout our industry.

In conclusion, we’re proud of the brilliant branded merchandise and clothing we’ve created this year. Could your brand benefit from some innovative, unique, and useful branded merchandise? Ask our team for some ideas today.